Review Of The Dyson V6 Absolute Handstick Vacuum Cleaner

Disclaimer : This awesome invention was given to me to review on this blog.  So I did.  I reviewed it so hard I did the wrong thing and broke it .. I had to call the Dyson Helpline.  I was embarrassed and devastated that…

19 January, 2016
Ms MMM's Mind

The Daily Recovery

You may have been wondering where I have been this year … Maybe you hadn’t heard that I had decided to focus blogging efforts on something a little different, a new space for me. A place very different to Modern Mummy Mayhem. I had started…

13 January, 2016
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On Our Bookshelf

2 Fabulous Kids Christmas Books [Book Review]

We have been reading a fair few newly released Christmas books at bedtime this month.  The hype of the big man in the red suit is HUGE in our house. I personally believe reading Christmas stories and singing christmas songs of an evening with the…

24 December, 2015
Ms MMM's Mind

Stuff I Did This Year

I had a very interesting year this year.  Possibly the hardest personally ever and you know what .. ?  I hope it bloody made me stronger cause something good must always come out of stuff so tricky! So here it is .. stuff I…

18 December, 2015
Black coffe on red cup from mother
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5 Health Benefits Of Coffee

This Is A Sponsored Post As long as Monday mornings continue to exist, coffee will still be one of the most popular drinks in the world. For some of us it’s the lifeblood we need to get through each work day, for others it’s…

1 December, 2015
Ms MMM's Mind

1st of December Every Year

It’s always today every year that I am reminded of a two things. Firstly, its my consistent inability to cut the correct amount of wrapping paper for gifts.  This issue lasts until about Christmas Eve, where I manage to master it on the last gift…

30 November, 2015
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How To Get Your Home Market-Ready

This Is A Sponsored Post New adventures, new acquisitions, new additions – whatever the reason for selling your home, getting it market ready is an important time where preparation often equals success. Here are five tips to get your home market-ready and add value…

27 November, 2015
5 Fabulous Ms MMM's Mind

The Snide Christmas Guide ~ For Him

First off the ranks in my very special Christmas Gift Guide For Him is something for the hipsters.  You know the one’s with the beards.  Initially I was giving the Black Coffee a big head nod but then I saw the Bushranger !  Now…

20 November, 2015
Ms MMM's Mind


Here … have yourself a head song. My head song. WHAT DO YOU MEAN?  It’s Monday alreadys.   &nbsp…

9 November, 2015
Ms MMM's Mind

I Didn’t Mean That Sort Of Long Black

Dear Blog Followers (the devoted handful of you) Remember that time last week when I was complaining about how Nat from MILE made me the shortest long black in the entire universe? Here is the video if you missed it.   I stated back…

4 November, 2015
Blogging Money & Finance Ms MMM's Mind

MILE Business Retreat

I have been a little AWOL  from the blog this week. For those who follow me on social media you will be well informed as to why.  For those of you that don’t, let me just lay a few words out that will have you green…

30 October, 2015
australian magpie
Family Ms MMM's Mind

Magpie Therapy

For weeks now I have struggled with getting Lil D to Kindy.  It started off with an ‘I don’t want to go Mum’ and slowly escalated day by day to what happened yesterday. A full blown assertion of 4 year old will about not entering the…

23 October, 2015

Natural Consequences

I have read so many books on disciplining my children. 1-2-3 Magic, Redirecting Children’s Behavior, Screamfree Parenting, and others. These books have good information and I’m sure they work for some. My problem is patience and needing to see immediate results. I’ve always needed…

23 October, 2015
Ms MMM's Mind

When Something Breaks

You know when something you own breaks and you immediately look at it to see if you can fix it? You know how you gather up the broken pieces and try to put them all back together? If it’s something that means a lot…

15 October, 2015
Fri Oct 09 2015 08_35_06 GMT+1000
Ms MMM's Mind

When You Give Too Much

This post has been brewing for a while now.  It’s one I wasn’t ever going to tackle as it comes from a place inside of me that is so bitter I feel guilty for indulging it. But after the day I have had, it needs…

12 October, 2015
Fashion & Beauty

On Getting Your Skin To Glow

I have had pretty rubbish skin for about 6 months now. I put it down to stress, lack of sleep, diet, hormones and my possible return to my teen years complete with awkward midlife facial hair and wrinkles.  Maybe it was all of the…

7 October, 2015
Ms MMM's Mind

School Holiday Psychosis

  My school holiday psychosis occurred for the first time ever these September school holidays.  I think the dynamics in my children have changed with age (now 4, 10 and almost 13) and my god it took all my strength to not request a…

2 October, 2015
File 30-09-2015, 3 01 10 PM
Ms MMM's Mind

How Long Will I Love You

    When I was a little girl I wasn’t an aggressive child, opinionated or naughty …but if someone pissed me off, namely my parents I would bust out what my Mother still calls the death stare. I would stand as still as I…

30 September, 2015
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5 Apps That Can Really Improve Your Sleep

This is a sponsored post.   From apps that help you relax to those that monitor your sleep cycle, a little technology can go a long way in assisting you catch the right amount of ‘Z’s. As with most areas of the app market,…

23 September, 2015